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Easier than Elimidate
Still single in the city? Elsa Malinsky just might hook you up. That’s because Elsa is a matchmaker who makes finding a mate easy!
The dating game “I started hosting social events, such as dinners and talks, and later added a personal introduction service.”
How does it work? “I interview a client to get an idea about personality, values and interests in order to find a good match. I also use my intuition and gut feeling.”
It’s a match! In 2002 alone, Elsa had a hand in 14 marriages and engagements. “I interviewed a man who mentioned that he liked auto racing, and remembered a woman who told me that loved racing, too. So, I introduced them and they got engaged a year later. A minor coincidence can sometimes bring a couple together.”
Is he the one? “ I always tell my clients to choose a soul mate based on values, not just interests. Interests can be developed but your value system mostly stays the same.”
Today’s Chicago Woman,
Photo above by Michael Richard,


Red Eye / Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Sun-Times

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Easier than Elimidate Today’s Chicago Woman

Elsa Malinsky, the Modern-day Matchmaker, Chicago Social
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